Tuesday, June 2

Welcome to RIMglobal Speaks

RIMglobal Speaks has LAUNCHED!
“Better Business Bureau” for the Indie Community

Who is RIMglobal Speaks?
RIMglobal is a group of reviewers, fans, media companies & whoever wants to send an opinion or comment to Ri Media about an indie artist / entrepreneur’s talent, service, business ethic or product.

Who oversees the RIMglobal Speaks blog?
Crystal I, a reporter for Mira Connextionz, oversees this blog. So any comments and/or complaints go to her at thecritic@rimglobal.net.

What is RIMglobal Speak’s blog focus content?
While we prefer to hear & discuss all the positives, the reality is there is much negativity in the indie community. There’s a lot of bad business, lack of accountability, lack of communication, a lot of back-biting … and lots of individuals wasting their time & money throughout the entire process! So … we discuss ANYTHING … THE GOOD … THE BAD … & THE DOWN RIGHT HORRIBLE … Nothing anyone does or says is safe … WE PROMISE.

What does RIMglobal Speaks do?
Let’s just say we act as the “Better Business Bureau” for the Indie Community. We conduct project, product, & event reviews. If there’s a complaint, we’ll investigate and make a statement if it is true, noteworthy and beneficial for the indie community to know.

WE ALSO SCAN THE INTERNET FOR INDIE ARTIST activity in blogs, social forms, and personal websites. We read what you write & listen to everything you say. So think before you speak. If you exhibit a crappy potty mouth to someone that has helped you in your career … best believe we are going to put you on BLAST! We promise.

What types of info can be sent to RIMglobal Speaks?
Examples of situations you may want to inform us about.
  • If you attend an event and it sucked, tell us what happened.
  • If you brought a CD from an indie artist, & you think they are the next platinum artist; let us know!
  • If you are an artist, and you go to a company for a service & they don’t follow through or they give you the BEST service ever; let us know!
  • If you are a show promoter, and your paid artist doesn’t stay to perform; let us know.
What is RIMglobal Speaks goal?

What people might do in reaction to some RIMglobal Speaks posts?
People might get very very angry ...

In closing, so many entrepreneurs & artists have complained about the lack of unity, bad business ethics and all the cliques. Well, we’re coming to make some room for more positivity.

It’s all LOVE our LUVS,
Crystal I, on behalf of the RIMglobal Speaks panel (collectively we are the Critic)